Change is coming to our park!


Work has started on much needed improvements made possible by a $750,000 state grant. Planned updates include the addition of a water spray park, new playground equipment to supplement pieces installed in recent years, and an additional new play area. New green space will be opened up around the spray park and playground areas and new, a centrally located restroom and storage building is being built in this area. Landscaping and a new picnic area will make this the park’s family-friendly core.

To create the new open lawn, the Master Plan calls for the removal of old and unused buildings near Route 33 to develop a new section of the park for the basketball court and skate park, to be located adjacent to an additional new parking area. The existing access road will shift slightly, and the entrance upgraded and landscaped, while an additional access road to the park will lead directly to the new parking area.

New picnic pavilion roofing is planned now; a future new, third pavilion and stage is envisioned at the end of the central open lawn when additional funding is available.

Improvements to infrastructure are also part of the Master Plan. These include installation of underground electric services, replacement of existing foot and vehicle bridges over the brook, and running a new water main for the spray park. Changes will also be made to the animal area to improve appearance and provide a better experience for visiting the goats and other animals.

Through the efforts of the town, the community, and the Friends of Buttery Brook Park, change is coming to our park. There is still more to do, though, as not every improvement envisioned in the Master Plan can be covered by the grant. This substantial funding makes key infrastructure upgrades and core improvements possible, but additional funds will be needed to bring this project to full fruition.

In order to complete the vision for this exciting project, we need to raise a minimum of $25,000 in private donations. These funds are needed to support completion of projects such as fitness trail equipment stations, new trees and landscaping, more benches, and additional signage.

In the coming months we will be reaching out to the community to help us make this dream a reality. Watch for details!

View the full Buttery Brook Park Master Plan Map (11×17 PDF)

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